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  • Formatting dates

    Hi friend.

    When was the last time you needed to display a formatted date somewhere in your applications? Since I work a lot on React (or generally JS) apps these days, I recently had the “pleasure” to format dates in JS. After receiving them from a Ruby API. Which in turn takes the (Postgres) db timestamps and converts them into Ruby (date)time objects. Oh the fun we had. “Of course” standardizations saves your ass in this situation. Usually at least.

  • Reading Code

    Hi friend.

     This is another email I am sending while being happily busy with our newborn.

    Two days ago I linked you to an article about Livable Code. Today it’s about reading code. While learning software development I often heard the phrase that you should read other people’s code because it makes you better.

    I have to admin, I never purposely did so. Well, one time, I followed through the Rails framework to understand how an HTTP request is handled. But that was the exception. It turns out, I am not alone:

  • Surprises when starting out as a software developer

    Hi friend.

     This is another email I am sending while being happily busy with our newborn.

    My first job was as a software developer at Ericsson in Montreal, working with the mobile switching center that handles calls in a cellular network. There was a lot of code controlling call set-up, hand-offs, roaming etc, but I was pretty disappointed to see that it was all done with quite basic data structures and algorithms. The most interesting part I found was the code keeping track of roaming subscribers currently in the system. It consisted of one thousand binary trees, where the last three digits of the subscriber number determined which tree a given subscriber belonged to. To find a subscriber, you picked the tree based on the last three digits of the number, then traversed the tree to find the subscriber. Apart from that, it was pretty much only linked lists or simpler.

  • Big Nerd Ranch

    Hi friend.

    This is another email I am sending while being happily busy with our newborn.

    Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Code breaks, servers crash, or a product doesn’t work – you know the story.

  • Livable Code

    Hi friend.

    First of all, sorry for not writing to you yesterday. I spent the day in the hospital with my wife. Our second daughter was born on 1:20pm yesterday and we couldn’t be happier. Mother and daughter are both very well. This is the reason why I won’t be able to continue writing my usual emails for the next few days. But I will continue sending you emails. The content will be mostly “written” by other people though. 😉

    Today I want to share a recent article by Uncle Bob: Too Clean?

  • My automated publishing workflow

    Hi friend.

    A week ago I mentioned my Automation project: Factory 0.1. During the last week I managed to get it to a point where it works. Today I wanted to tell you a bit about it. This will be a lengthy, nerdy post about details and automation.

  • Books I enjoyed reading

    Hi friend.

    Since I love reading I thought I switch things up for today and share a small list of books I enjoyed (and why I enjoyed them).

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