Creating software and doing successful projects with my clients is what I do. I try to make the world better with every project and I only work on projects that have a shot at doing so — even if it’s just something small.

So, you’d like to start a software project? If this is your first project, then please be aware that software, or IT, projects have a high tendency to run over budget and time. This means it get’s more expensive. And projects run late. Sometimes there’s dissonance in the team about the architecture or about smaller things.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are IT projects that are finished on time, on budget, with minimal stress and sometimes even fun :=)

At least that’s how most of my projects went during the last 10+ years. And that’s how our project can go if we work together.

I am Holger Frohloff and I do Ruby on Rails and ReactJS projects with my clients. I live in Berlin with my wife, two daughters and our cat.

Most of the time I look a lot like this:

Feel free to reach out to me. We can talk about your project and how it can be a success.